Dear colleagues,


In line with everyone else around the world, we are following closely the global spread of Covid-19. Many expert opinions suggest that this public health crisis will continue well into 2021. In case the situation does improve and staging SS23 becomes a possibility, the new dates for SS23 are 7–10 June 2021​. We are announcing those dates to enable everyone to do some rudimentary planning, however tentatively. 


All accepted panels and papers for 2020 will be automatically scheduled for 2021 unless anyone decides to withdraw their presentation. 


We will continue monitoring the situation. Once the prospect of holding SS23 at the above dates becomes feasible, we will issue a new Call for Papers and circulate further information.


Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


SS23 Organizing Committee

17 March 2020


Sociolinguistics Symposium 23

As a premier gathering of international sociolinguists, this biennial event has emerged as a unique and innovative forum to develop and exchange new ideas, broaden the scope of the discipline, and create new academic networks. From its beginnings as a small meeting of UK-based academics in 1976, the Sociolinguistic Symposium has grown into the largest sociolinguistic conference in the world. Its Hong Kong edition will mark the conference’s first appearance in Asia.