SS23 in light of ongoing political protests in Hong Kong


Given the ongoing political protests in Hong Kong we wish to inform all potential delegates that we are monitoring the situation and keep assessing the viability of holding the conference in June 2020 on a daily basis. At this stage it is premature for us to declare unequivocally that the conference may or may not take place. Abstracts are being reviewed and confirmation of their acceptance is scheduled for 19 January 2020, followed by the opening of registration. It is at that point that we will take a final decision whether to cancel the conference or not.


We apologize for the unexpected uncertainty in the planning of SS23. At present we remain optimistic that we will be able to see you all in Hong Kong in June 2020.


SS23 Organzing Committee


Sociolinguistics Symposium 23

As a premier gathering of international sociolinguists, this biennial event has emerged as a unique and innovative forum to develop and exchange new ideas, broaden the scope of the discipline, and create new academic networks. From its beginnings as a small meeting of UK-based academics in 1976, the Sociolinguistic Symposium has grown into the largest sociolinguistic conference in the world. Its Hong Kong edition will mark the conference’s first appearance in Asia.

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