Format of Conference

All conference presentations will be pre-recorded in audio or audio-video format and uploaded to the conference website. This includes parallel session and panel papers, panel introductions, and discussant pieces. 


Acceptable file size: up to 3GB.

Acceptable formats: webm, mp4, mpeg4, 3gpp, move, avi, mpegps, wmv, flv.


Submissions of pre-recorded presentations will take place between 15 January–15 April 2021. Two weeks before the conference, all the submitted presentations, except plenary lectures, will be made available to all registered participants (as ‘on demand’ content). 


The maximum length of the pre-recorded presentations is as follows:


- parallel session and panel papers: 20 minutes

- panel introductions, and discussant pieces: 10 minutes


Presentations exceeding these time limits will be returned to presenters for editing. 

Between 7–10 June 2021, live, online Q/A sessions and discussion meetings will be scheduled for all panels and subject clusters (aka parallel sessions), with special attention to location of key participants and time zones. Keynote lectures will be scheduled during that time as well.


For more information about the live discussion sessions, please go to the 'Live Discussion Sessions' tab on the conference homepage, or click here.