Live Discussion Sessions

Each panel and thematic cluster (parallel session) will be offered two slots for live discussions and question and answer periods. They are meant to accommodate participants in different time zones. Panel chairs are invited but not required to chair each session. In case this is not possible, we request that panel chair nominates another colleague as moderator. 

Each discussion session will be open to participants who did not present papers in the panel/cluster. This is akin to conference audience attending panels/parallel sessions at any physical conference. Overall, we do not envisage the same groupings of participants in each of the discussion sessions. 


Ultimately, the length of each discussion session, envisaged to last maximally two hours, can be shorter, depending on the amount of questions and debate. It'll be up to the chair/moderator of each session to terminate it after two hours or sooner.


We will invite participating colleagues to volunteer chairing subject clusters built around individual papers. 


All registered conference participants will be able to join each of the two live discussions for all panels and clusters, regardless of their role as “chair”, “discussant”, “presenter” or “audience member”.