PPT to MP4 Manual

   1. Record narration with slide timings

        1.1. Start recording

                a. Select Slide Show
                b. Click Record Slide Show

                c. Choose Record from Beginning

        d. Check both boxes
        e. Click Start Recording*

*Narration won’t record during slide transitions

        During the recording
        1.2. Recording toolbar

                a. Go to the next slide:

                b. Pause the recording:

                c. Re-record the current slide:

        1.3.  Annotation

                a. Right click > Pointer Options

        1.4.  Finish recording

                a. Right click > End Show

   2. Export the PowerPoint file into an MP4 video

             a. Select File
             b. Click Export

             c. Click Create a Video

             d. Pick 720p/Internet Quality (or above)

             e. Click Create Video
             f . Click Save*

*MPEG-4 Video format (.mp4) is recommended

 3. Items not included in the video

a. Media inserted in versions of PowerPoint older than PowerPoint 2010

b. QuickTime Media

4. Remarks

a. Any content opened through hyperlinks won’t be recorded

b. Videos are not recommended to be inserted in the original PowerPoint