Thematic Panels

Bal Krishna Sharma & Shuang Gao

Tourism and Intercultural Communication: Critical Perspectives

Christian Chun

From the Yellow Peril to the Model Minority: Race, discourses, and identities of Asian Americans and Asian Canadians


David Karlander & Christopher Hutton

Untrendy ideas

Elana Shohamy & Kristof Savski

Unsettling issues in language assessment


H. Keira Park

Multilingual Landscape of Contemporary Korea: Ideologies, Identities, and Practices

Jannis Androutsopoulos & Anna De Fina

Migrants/refugees and digital connectivity


Jaspal Singh

Decolonising, unsettling and rebuilding sociolinguistics

Jonas Hassemer

The Reflective Worker – Political Economies of Reflexivity


Karen V. Beaman & Isabelle Buchstaller

New avenues in panel research

Luiz Paulo Moita-Lopes & Mike Baynham

The Sociolinguistics of Contemporary Fascism 


Maria Rosa Garrido Sardà

The politics of future re-imagination: Towards a sociolinguistics of utopias/dystopias.

Marion Kwiatkowski & Jan-Ola Östman

Unsettling the NORMs: : The sociolinguistics of immigration to the countryside

Mie Hiramoto & Andrew D. Wong

Unsettling Boundaries: Taking Stock of Trans- Perspectives in Sociolinguistics

Patrick Heinrich, Ruriko Otomo & Emi Otsuji 

Outcomes of multilingual resilience in contemporary Japan

Paul Cheung

In the Face of National Crises

Peter De Costa

Problematizing Language Policy and Practice in EMI and Transnational Higher Education

Raymund Vitorio & Gilles Merminod

Unsettling Language Politics and Practices through Reflexivity: Metapragmatics and Language Ideologies

Ruth Singer & Jill Vaughan

Unsettling multilingualism: insights from non-polyglossic communities around the globe

Sara Nyssen & Katy Highet

Unequal Personalities: Language Education and the Politics of Difference

Satoko Suzuki & Momoko Nakamura

Unsettling and reproducing heteronormativity

Sibo Kanobana

Why (Not) Race? Expanding the Conversation about Language, Race and Power

William Simpson

Unsettling Capital and Language

Yvonne Tse Crepaldi & Xinyue Xu

Unsettling language barriers in health care

Zhongfeng Tian & Sunny Man Chu Lau

Translanguaging and Multimodality: Teaching and Learning through Embodied, Emplaced, and Ensembled Communicative Repertoire

Zitlali Morales

Unsettling Dominant Language Ideologies in U.S. Schools: Exploring Teachers’ Role in Disrupting and Reconceptualizing Languages In Use